Woman says Detroit police killed her dog in wrong house raid

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A Detroit woman says police raided her house, killed her dog and said there was no reason for the officers to be there.

She claims police raided her house and killed her dog because of illegal activity going on around her house - which she has nothing to do with.

"I am so hurt," said Renee Attles. "You all you don't understand, I am so freaking hurt. That was my dog."

On Wednesday evening Renee Attles says she ran out to her sister's car to decide where they were going to celebrate their deceased mother's birthday.

All of a sudden Detroit police stormed her Ryan Street home.

"I said what do you want," she said. "They handcuffed me and her sister at her car before we even got right there. All I heard was pop, pop, pow. Just like that. I told them let me get my dog."

Bullet holes show where Attles' dog Luke was shot multiple times by police right in the middle of the living room.

"I just want to know why are here," she said. "They said it is a narcotic raid. I said no I'm almost 50 years old. I am disabled."

Officers had a search warrant. Police say they had information there were illegal drugs inside, but Attles said when they raided the home they found nothing. All she had was a small container of medicinal marijuana, she was prescribed for her grave's disease.

She asked officers what information they had.

"I said, you said you knocked on my door and drugs were sold here," she said. "(They said) we didn't say that drugs were sold out in front of here."

Attles knows, she says these four corners in front of her house is notorious for drug activity. But she claims she has nothing to do with that.

Attles says police killed her dog, didn't arrest anyone but took her tiny container of prescribed marijuana and then issued her a ticket for having it.

She says as soon as officers left, she went straight to the Detroit Police Department's northeastern district and filed her own complaint against the police.

And she plans to fight the ticket all the way.

"I am going to civil rights I am going to press charges I'm going to do whatever,  you can't press charges because of what goes on in the streets I don't have nothing to do with that."

FOX 2 spoke to Detroit police who said it had a valid search warrant and officers were forced to shoot the dog because it was aggressive.