Woman says Telegraph auto shop has kept her car for 6 months

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A woman takes her wrecked car in for repairs and several months later - she still doesn't have it back.

She claims a Detroit collision shop is trying to rip her off. It's one thing dealing with a delay getting your car back. Ms. Fletcher claims she was overcharged and harassed when she tried to do something about it.

FOX 2: "Hi there, looking for Mr. Simms."

FOX 2 went looking for answers at the collision shop on Telegraph in Detroit after Keysha Fletcher asked for help. She had her wrecked Jeep Wrangler towed there back in September. She claims she has been given the runaround ever since.

"The first excuse was that the man was smoking crack, he ran off with $50,000 that was the first excuse, I don't have the people, the third excuse was we're low on staff," she said. "One thing after another."

And after she says what the owner did Tuesday, Fletcher is worried she won't ever get her vehicle back.

"I said can I have the keys to my vehicle he said no you owe me $2,000 dollars," she said. "I said what, you never said that. You talked to me almost 10 times this week you never mentioned any money,."

Ms. Fletcher wasn't going to pay any more money. She said the insurance company had already paid out $15,000 to fix the car - she only paid 18 thousand when she bought it. On top of that - she claims the owner refused to provide an invoice describing what the extra charges were for.

"He had some people out there, he said block her in," she said. "Some girl, I don't know who she is, she was cussing at me saying black people think they can get something for free."

Right on the building it says we pay your deductible or free loaner. But apparently the collision shop feels they can take it back anytime or anyway they want.

"He called someone they had a drill and he was attempting to take off my tire with my children inside," Fletcher said. "I said show me what I owe. (He said) I don't have to show you anything. I don't have to."

FOX 2: "Are you Mr. Simms?"

"Can you leave our building," said a man inside the store.

FOX 2: "Are you Mr. Simms?"

"Leave the building," he said.

FOX 2: "What can you tell me about Ms. Fletcher's car. She is trying to get her car back. Where is Mr. Simms?"

"Have a nice day," the man said.

It turns out that was Mr. Simms, the owner.

He may have kicked us out but after FOX 2 got involved he decided to make Ms. Fletcher a deal.

She says he told her to pay $1,000 and she could get her car back. But that's money this single mother of two does not have - she just wants the owner to do the right thing and give her back her repaired vehicle.

"I appreciate you coming out here with me because I think what they do to women and consumers is wrong," she said. "It is wrong and it has to stop. It is not fair to keep someone's car for 6 months."