Woman says that her Uber driver sexually assaulted her

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A woman says she was assaulted by an Uber driver.

Millions of people rely on Uber to get around town but what happened to one woman during a ride has left her shaken and police are investigating.

Jennifer Bridges wanted to come forward and share her story. She claims she was attacked by her driver at 8 a.m. Sunday morning.

"Not what you expect from Uber," she said. "You expect reliable transportation that is safe. I got the total opposite."

Despite her broken foot and bruises all over her body, Bridges considers herself one of the lucky ones.

It all started around 8 a.m. Sunday morning, she ordered an Uber car from Walled Lake to pick up her car she left at the Links of Novi on 10 Mile.

But it didn't take long for this 35-year-old to realize something wasn't right.

"He acted like he didn't know where he was going," she said. "He made remarks calling me beautiful (and) asked if I liked country music."

Then the Uber driver took her out of the way, turning east on Five Mile and then pulled into an industrial plaza. That's when Bridges says he put the car in park and attacked her.

"He put both of his hands on my breasts and threw himself on top of me - and he is a heavy man," she said. "He put his lips on my neck. I could actually feel saliva on my neck. I was able to get out of the car."

Bridges says she was numb at first - but she knew she had to do what she could to escape.

"I pushed him off of me, I opened the door and fell out the side and took off," she said. "I had no idea where I was."

She ran to Five Mile, hobbled over to the Shell station where she called for help. A trip to the ER revealed she had broken her foot. She got it in the process of kicking her attacker to get away.

"Immediately I called Uber after the incident occurred," she said. "They suspended his driving privileges so that no one else would be in jeopardy. That is my main concern. If he was going to try this with me at 8 a.m. who else has he tried this with, who else might he pose a threat to, or hurt, or kill."

With the driver's name and license plate from the Uber trip, Bridges says Northville Township police were able to identify the man.  They are actively investigating.

FOX 2 spoke with Kayla Whaling from Uber.  She says this is unacceptable and that they take all allegations seriously. She said Uber removed the drivers' access immediately and will continue to look into it.

Uber will also provide any information police need to investigate this incident.

In the meantime Bridges says she is coming forward in hopes of warning other unsuspecting women.

"My advice is don't Uber by yourself, always Uber with somebody," she said.