Woman shoots Detroit house in Facebook rant and gets arrested

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Source: Facebook

A woman's angry Facebook video about a house she bought through the Detroit Land Bank resulted in her arrest.

In the video, the woman pulls out a gun and shoots the house behind her, while holding a small child with a second child next to her.   The profane tirade which includes her making threats lasts about nine minutes while a young boy next to her worriedly backs away after she shoots the house.

Detroit police say that the woman, Andrea Sheppard, was arrested Friday in Oakland County, one day after the video was posted on social media. She was not with her two children at the time she was taken into custody, police said adding that they are safe.

Investigators have not recovered the gun used in the video. 

The video was shot in the 16800 block of Greydale. The Detroit News reports that before it was taken down, it had gathered more than 741,000 views. It has been removed, but a copies of it have been shared online, and can be found on Facebook.

"Detroit is my home, I bought this home for these two children," she says in the video.  "I am highly upset because somebody sold me a house that should be on the (expletive) demolition list. Why would there be a house on the (expletive) sell list that should be demolished?"

Sheppard claimed that Willie Moore from Detroit Land Bank told her that even though she bought it with a blind bid, it is still on the list for demolition.

"I am mad as hell," she said. "I need help for my babies out in the (expletive) cold; I put everything I have into this raggedy (expletive house). So guess what, I have my (expletive) piece. I have the right to Freedom of Speech even though you're going to lock me up as soon as I put this on Facebook."

Craig Fahle from the Detroit Land Bank issued a statement about Sheppard's situation.

"The DLBA sells homes that are in need of significant rehabilitation.  All properties sold include photographs showing the condition of the home and potential buyers have the opportunity to view the homes before purchasing them.  Ms. Sheppard has had difficulty with the renovation project she began. Since she purchased the property in March, 2016 for $1000, the DLBA has attempted to connect her with multiple organizations and resources that could have helped her with her project.  The Detroit Land Bank will refund her $1000 purchase."

The woman also set up a GoFundMe page with an original goal of $10 million, but lowered it to $100,000. It currently has $1,222 pledged to help her.

Some GoFundMe users were outraged at the video which was originally included with the post.

One person, Chynah Flemmings, wrote: "Her son was scared to even get close to her .... child services where are you?  Anyone donating to her is a fool."