Woman tackled after Detroit police chase sentenced to rehab

The Sterling Heights woman who led police on a wild chase through Detroit and Hamtramck last month was sentenced Monday.

Valerie Matthews pleaded guilty to third-degree fleeing and eluding, which is usually a five-year felony.

The chase happened in early April and unfolded live on Fox 2 News Now, CLICK HERE to watch a replay.

On Monday morning, she learned she will avoid jail time, but her sentence was still involved. Matthews was speeding through Detroit and Hamtramck, before a brief attempt to run away. She was then tackled by officers.

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The judge is sending her to a rehabilitation program for 90 to 120 days.

Matthews will also be put on probation for two years, placed on a GPS tether and have a curfew.

Her sentencing was streamed live on Fox 2 News Now, watch a replay below:

In early April, Detroit police say they received a 911 call about a possible kidnapping at Stockton and Gable streets on Detroit's east side.

The caller said they believed they heard a child screaming from inside the car.

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When police arrived, they saw the blue Ford transit-type van take off suspiciously and began to follow it.

Reaching high speeds, the suspect dipped in and out of busy narrow neighborhoods and even drove across lawns.

Then a Detroit officer cut her off with his car, and the suspect began to flee on foot.

She was tackled by a female officer, who received a lot of media attention for the capture.

"A Detroit officer had cut her off with his car, and I knew she was about to start fleeing on foot," Officer Nikole Jabou told Fox 2. "So I started opening my door waiting for her to flee, and right when I saw her jump out, I jumped out, and I went after her. I've never been in a running tackle. That was a first. That was fun."

Fox 2 spoke with the female officer in early April.

"I know my tackle has kind of been getting a lot of press," she said. "But really if it wasn't for the other officers involved; the officers that were involved in the leads, they called out great locations. That way we were able to get there quicker."

No one was injured in the incident.