Woman who saved man's life with CPR honored along Detroit Firefighters

The weather was in single digits. Unique Bost was pregnant. And no one was stopping to check on the man not moving in his car.

It didn't matter to Bost, however.

After seeing the traffic light at 8 Mile and Groesbeck turn from red to green three separate times, Bost decided to act. Around 2 p.m. on Jan. 29, she looked at the man through the window, noticed he wasn't moving and his face was turning blue. 

With 911 called and first responders on the way, she galvanized the help of another individual, who broke the back window open. She pulled the man out of his car and began performing CPR on him. 

"It would have hurt me to know I was behind that man and I left and I could have done something," said Bost.

Having experience working with disabled veterans, the life-saving action felt natural. Once first responders arrived, they administered narcan to reverse the effects of an overdose. 

"She had the courage to act upon it, ultimately saving the life of a fellow human being," said Commissioner Eric Jones.

While Bost didn't have the chance to meet the man at the time, she hopes she'll get the chance to one day. She said the incident changed her life.

"At an age where people would drive by or wouldn't be patient becaue you're not moving, to see somebody act, that's what helps make the community what it is," said David Ghesquiere, a Detroit firefighter.