Woman's $75 bill for not showing at a wedding prompts online debate

An invoice sent to a Minnesota woman for failing to attend a wedding has prompted huge debate on social media.

Jessica Baker from Andover, Minn. was unable to attend a recent wedding with her husband when her mother backed out of her babysitting gig at the last minute. Then, this week, Jessica received something in the mail -- an invoice.

She shared the image with news station Kare 11. The invoice prices two "herbcrusted walleye" at $75.90 to accompany a message that reads, 'This cost reflects the amount paid by the bride and groom for meals that were RSVP'd for, reimbursement and explanation for no show, card, call or text would be appreciated.'

Since Kare 11 shared the image on its Facebook page on September 29, the post has received more than 4,000 comments and more than 2,000 shares.

So, is this the most passive aggressive newly-married couple ever, or a fair request after a late no-show? A quick Google search indicates the average cost of a wedding right now is nearly $30,000.

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