Woodward construction closing bus stops in Ferndale, Pleasant Ridge

Some bus stops along Woodward Avenue in Ferndale and Pleasant Ridge will be closed during construction.

Beginning Monday, May 8, the two most right lanes of Woodward will be closed in both directions.

These stops will be closed:

  • Southbound Woodward Avenue: Millington, Elm Park, Cambridge, Oakridge, West Maplehurst, West Cambourne, Albany, Cemetery, Fielding, and 8 Mile Road.
  • Northbound Woodward Avenue: Webster, Silman, College, Ardmore, East Cambourne, and East Maplehurst.

Bus routes 405, 450, 460, 461, 462, 494, and 740 may experience possible delays due to construction and closures.

"Unfortunately, with construction often comes inconveniences and disruption," said Lena Stevens, Ferndale DDA Executive Director. "Woodward Moves is designed to make Woodward and its surrounding public spaces safe and accessible to all people, regardless of their abilities or circumstances. With the completion of this project, we are confident that we’ll be able to provide equal opportunities for more people to enjoy Ferndale. We appreciate travelers’ patience and understanding as we work towards that vision."

The Woodward project includes improvements and the removal of a lane on each side of the road.

Read more about the changes coming here.

SMART Bus will notify riders of these closures by updating their website and apps, pushing updates to Google Maps and other transit map applications, and sharing route notices to social media. 

Signage will be posted at stops notifying travelers that the stop is closed.

Find updates on SMART's website.