Wyandotte couple loses everything in house fire a night before Christmas

A Downriver couple is struggling after losing everything in a house fire on Saturday.

Katie and Jennifer’s home on Hudson Street in Wyandotte caught fire as they prepared for Christmas Day.

"Doing last-minute wrapping, just trying to get ready for the holidays. Ready to spend time with the family," said Katie Sampson.

Fortunately, they weren't injured, but their pets — two parakeets and two cats— were killed in the fire.

"They brought her out to me in a blanket wrapped up, so we couldn’t see what she actually looked like," said Katie.

Firefighters were able to only retrieve three priceless items from the burning home.

"There was a picture of my grandpa's ashes inside; they’re in there," said Jennifer Parsons.

Also, an urn containing the ashes of Jennifer’s dog and a diamond ring she now wears.

"I had it wrapped up in like four different bags in our dresser, and they went in and actually found it for it me, said Katie. 

"I know it’s a bad time, and our house is on fire but will you marry me?" Katie asked Jennifer the night of the fire. Jennifer said yes.

The fire is still under investigation. A GoFundMe has been set up to help the couple get back on their feet. To donate, click HERE.