You can stay at a Buddy the Elf suite at Royal Park Hotel in Rochester

A hotel in metro Detroit is getting into the holiday spirit with a couple of Christmas-themed rooms and experiences. 

"It's pure joy. And that's what we wanted to create," said Sue Keels, the general manager of the Royal Park Hotel in downtown Rochester

The first suite they've created is in honor of Buddy the Elf. 

"Whether it's somebody who doesn't really know Buddy, or someone who's a huge Buddy fan, all ages, their eyes light up. They get a smile on their face. We have a Buddy the Elf movie playing as well as you can just have a fun night during kind of a tough time with the pandemic, and this year's very different," Keels said.

No detail has been left out either, including a surprise gift box guests receive. 

"Buddy, he loves Pop-Tarts and he loves maple syrup. So what we did was combined both and we've created a toasty maple tart for Buddy. But he also loves snowballs and marshmallows so we created a really wonderful sweet treat dipped in warm hot chocolate as well," Keels said.

The suite is actually sponsored by Maker's Mark, so you'll get a little nip of whiskey, too. 

And the hotel's holiday creativity isn't stopping there. They've created what they're calling the Gingerbread Suite.

"So guests can enjoy bringing their family and children. They'll receive a gingerbread making kit and the entire suite is tricked out with gingerbread, beautiful trees and everything gingerbread. So it's a lot of fun; we're creating these sweet experiences. We're actually going to keep them going through January 31. We want to keep the spirit alive this year."

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