You Know You're From Detroit When ...

What does it mean to you to be a Detroiter?
If you talk to people who live in the city, you'll hear dozens of different answers.

M.L. Elrick is a proud resident  and he's got some ideas.

Detroit turns 314 on July 24.  While the city has changed a lot over the years  we are still proud to call it home.
And of course, there are some aspects of Detroit living that make it truly one of a kind. For example:

- When you're done cutting your lawn - there's another lawn down the block you have to cut.

- You believe despite all the investigations, despite the decade Elrick tried to prove it and lack of evidence, there was a party at a certain mansion - named Manoogian.

- When every new business in your area tuns out to be a marijuana dispensary.

- When you go to the Detroit Zoo ... in Royal Oak.

- When you are prepared to go toe to toe over which coney island - American or Lafayette is better.

You know you're from Detroit when .. take our quiz! Click here to answer the questions and see how you do (but sorry there are no prizes except Detroit pride!)

We want to hear from you - whether you are a Detroiter or a transplant.  

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