Jennifer Hammond

Jennifer Hammond

Sports Reporter

When I was five years old, my dad first put a microphone (and tape recorder) in my hand. Among the chatter and conversation, aimed mostly at entertaining my shy older sister came a confident utterance: "Hello Sports fans!" Hard to believe that I knew then where I hoped my future would take me. 

By the time I was in junior high school watching Monday night football and typing out lineups, there was no turning back. The only career I could imagine for myself was as a sports reporter on TV. While my mind was made up, the road to get there wasn't nearly as direct. My first on-camera experience came broadcasting the morning announcements at Seaholm High School in Birmingham where I grew up, and by the time I arrived at Western Michigan University I had snagged a lucrative gig in the Sports Information Department, where I covered everything from football to women's gymnastics. Working full time at radio stations WQLR/WQSN while going to college helped polish my on-air product - but did little to further my sports resume. 

I took a leap of faith and moved to Chicago six months following my graduation and took a job working as a receptionist at an audio production company - where I could meet people in the business and upgrade my audition tape. Less than a year later I finally got a break in radio as I received an opportunity to try out at Shadow Traffic after two weeks of unpaid training. With no guarantees of a position at the end, I landed a fulltime job. That gig lasted about three years and blossomed into another on-camera opportunity at CLTV in Oakbrook, Illinois doing morning traffic reports at the key wall. When the morning sports anchor declared that she wasn't hip on reading the morning sports, I took over and finally got back in the game doing what I really loved. 

By late Spring of 1994, I was at a crossroads, eager to take the next step as a sports reporter working in the field  - at the same time Detroit's first all-sports talk station was getting ready to hit the airwaves and I wouldn't be denied. I drove home for a couple of days and called Program Director Lorna Gladstone at the Fan to set up a meeting - I was hired on the spot. 

I spent the next three years covering everything in Detroit from the Lions to the Tigers and MSU and UM football and hoops before earning a freelance job with Fox 2 to cover the Lions pregame and Red Wings Stanley Cup runs. 

In November of 1997 a shift in management at Fox 2 landed me a full-time job in the sports department as the number three - meaning I would be out in the field covering everything from the NFL to the College World Series. It's hard to believe it has been more than two decades since I landed my dream job, and it keeps on getting better. I have had so many amazing experiences and have even earned two Emmy awards for my work as a sports journalist. What is even more priceless is the constant feedback and interaction with views and Detroit sports fans who make this job so rewarding.  

I am more committed than ever to providing interesting and informative stories to you - our Fox 2 Viewers - and hope that one day I will be covering a Lions Super Bowl! In the meantime, I remain committed to serving this incredible community and mentoring the future broadcasters of tomorrow! 

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