Fox Hills Learning Center can help tune up your game for golf season

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With the sunshine and warmer temperatures, chances are you've  already played your first round of golf - or at least thought about it.

Jennifer Hammond hit the range at Fox Hills Monday in Plymouth and learned some easy tips to tune up her game and they might just help you with yours.

When it comes to getting your golf game in shape it is more important to know what your doing, than what you should do, according to PGA teaching pro
Will Ellender.

"The intention is not to hit a really long shot," he said. "The intention is to hit an easy shot, one that you can feel and let's just see where the club hits the ground.

"We can tell a person's handicap depending on where their club hits the ground."

Watch the video to learn more about basic golf tips while there are plenty of teaching programs available at Fox Hills. To learn more, CLICK HERE.