SportsWorks: Dan Miller, Jamie Samuelsen, Pat Caputo & Tommy Hearns

FOX 2's Sports Director Dan Miller was joined by Jamie Samuelsen & Pat Caputo on the roundtable as they talked about Michigan being in the College World Series Finals.  Jamie says they get early leads and keep it going from there.  Pat says it's great for baseball up here and a great story overall.  Dan points out you have no idea what will happen.

Pistons were next on the rundown following their draft.  Pat says he likes the pick and it was someone who fell to them.  Jamie says this was a future pick to go with what is the present.  They all agreed they should've kept the 30th pick to take a chance on someone.  

The Red Wings draft was also brought up and Pat says it wasn't as bad as people think.  Jamie says Steve Yzerman made that pick for need and not best available and how you have to let the plans play out.

Boxing and Detroit legend Tommy Hearns joined Dan to dive into the 30th anniversary of his second fight with Sugar Ray Leonard and how it still stings.  They also discussed some of the key moments of the bout and their rivalry overall.  

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