Water Works

How often do you think about the weight of water when you reach for a glass to quench your thirst? Hardly ever, right? In this week’s Lori's Science Corner, we’ll look at water in a different way! Don’t forget to send me your results through our social media so I can spotlight you in an upcoming lesson! Direct message me through Facebook at Lori Pinson Fox2!

The Shape Of Things

With this lesson, we find out how important a part's shape is in nature. Bonus: you can involve your fur companions in this episode of Lori's Science Corner!

Why Does Fruit Turn Brown?

Are you looking past the holidays toward next year's remote teaching sessons in your home? Lori's Science Corner takes you to the kitchen and asks "Why does fruit turn brown?"

Lori's Science Corner asks: "How does air make things move?"

Many busy parents are still working at home, taking on the dual responsibility of teacher. Are you at a loss as to how to make learning fun? Let me help you! In an exclusive partnership with the National Science Teaching Association, I created Lori’s Science Corner! It's a fun, interactive way to introduce science to young students. Today’s lesson asks, "How does air make things move?"