Heat finally eases as temperatures expected to fall this week with no storms forecasted

We made it! Let's start with the recap you didn't ask for. 

High temperatures for the last 10 days have been smoking hot!

Expect a week of a different color. Today we'll still wind up warm in the afternoon with temperatures in the mid-and low-80's, but by the middle of the week, we'll have a tough time reaching 80 degrees. 

Low temperatures will fade too, with low 60's and eventually the 50s taking over. 

The air will be drier with dew points dropping over the course of the day leaving us with a more crisp and refreshing feel as the week wears on.

By the middle of the week what's left of Hurricane Ida will be moving through the Ohio Valley, but remaining to our south.

There is no rain in the forecast this week and by the weekend the chance for some showers will creep back into the forecast but to a very limited extent.

Oh! I don't want to forget! A bit of fog is forming in spots so watch for limited visibility at times.