Metro Detroit Weather: 2 more inches of snow possible Monday night into Tuesday

It's not even December yet and we're already looking at several inches of snow on the ground in Metro Detroit and southeast Michigan with two or three more inches possible for some parts that already have 4 inches on the ground.

The snow that started Saturday and was off-and-on all weekend long is done and gone and it left a decent amount of snow with totals between two and four inches. The heaviest snow was in Ann Arbor which recorded 4.2 inches. Wyandotte picked up 4 inches and Farmington Hills reported 3.3 inches.

And now - it's time for more. Monday morning, the sun was out and it looked like we'd get a few days off from the snow - not so much. 

The clouds pushed in mid-morning and around 7 p.m., we expect snow to start falling again. It's supposed to snow until around 5 a.m. on Tuesday with totals between one and two inches. 

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This will stick to the ground and create a mess of traffic in the morning so either leave late, work from home, or call out sick (just don't say we made you do it)…totally up to you.

So who's going to get the brunt of it? The western part of the area. Lansing is expected to get another three inches, Howell is going to be right there too with 3.8 inches possible. Meanwhile, in Ann Arbor, the highest total of the weekend at 4.2 inches, is expecting another two inches of snow. 

That's half a foot of snow before December 1. 

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The sun will break out in part Tuesday morning and things will remain chilly, but we'll slip above freezing and push towards 40° by afternoon. Up and up we go through midweek. 

Along with the "warmth" comes our next chance for precip, which will be rain late Wednesday into the night, and likely move out of here by Thursday. Although there are some hints at more precip Friday (snow), we'll keep it out of the forecast, but keep an eye on it.

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