Michigan Winter Storm Warning: Live video of snow moving into Metro Detroit

The winter storm is here. The one we've been preparing and expecting all week is arriving in Metro Detroit and, while it did start a few hours later than expected, we're still likely to see between 5 and 8 inches of snow.

Tuesday's warmth - we hit 46 degrees - held on longer and kept temperatures above freezing. So when the moisture started to move in and was falling it came in the form of rain. We were expecting the snow to start around 3 or 4 a.m. But in reality, it was closer to 10 a.m. before it switched over.

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Now though, buckle up. Once the snow starts, it'll keep coming all day and snow totaling between 7 and 10 inches of snow for Oakland, Macomb, and Livingston County. Wayne County, the southern half of Washtenaw, and Monroe Counties are all going to see higher totals.

By 1:40 p.m., Flint had already gotten 6.9 inches of snow while Flushing had gotten 2.5 inches. Closer to Metro Detroit, Howell is at 2.5 inches and Waterford is at 3.9. But there's still lots of time left for snow to fall.

Live stream of Michigan snow

FOX 2 Detroit will be covering this snowstorm live for the next 24 hours on FOX2detroit.com/live

We already are live all morning long until noon but instead of turning it over to national programming on our stream, we're going to continue live coverage all afternoon until 5 p.m.

Timeline: How much snow to expect and when

FOX 2's Rich Luterman, Derek Kevra, and Michael Estime are going to be covering the snow all day long. We'll be sharing your content - use #MichiganSnow to get your photos and videos on TV - and we'll also be monitoring the snowstorm as it pushes into the area. To see the photos we've already received and to submit your own, scroll down. 

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How to watch the snow live

But that's not all. We're also streaming the snow as it falls outside and we've set up some familiar faces to watch the snow.

Look - anyone can put a measuring stick outside and live stream video of the snow filling up. But even better than that? The Simpsons.

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We have Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie hanging around our studio so we put them outside in the elements along with some other every day items - a couple of FOX 2 coffee mugs, sanitizing wipes, and hand sanitizer - as we watch the snow fall.

You can watch that stream in the player below. We'll be streaming all day Wednesday until Thursday morning. 

How to submit photos of the snow

We want to know exactly what you're seeing outside. Scroll below for the photos we've already received. 

If you want to submit your pictures or videos, go to your favorite social media channel and post them on your page with the hashtag #MichiganSnow. We'll be monitoring this hashtag all day long to add more of your photos.