Morning thunderstorms before sun emerges along with temperatures that feel like the high 90s

The morning after July 4th we're waking up to rain and some spotty thunderstorms but thankfully nothing severe.  

The heavy hitters all remained to our west and southwest with severe thunderstorm warnings stretching back to Chicago overnight. They will not be making it to Southeast Michigan.

The rain and spotty thunderstorms will affect us until about 10 a.m. today before we turn the faucet off. 

The rest of the late morning will be cloudy but will transition to more sunshine after lunchtime and through the rest of the day. High temps will be exactly that: high! The thermometer will read nearly 90 degrees but the heat index will be closer to 96 thanks to a hefty amount of humidity.

A cold front helps the temperatures become a bit more manageable by tomorrow, but the instability of the atmosphere hangs around through Thursday, meaning storms *could* develop over the next couple of days.  

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It's not a sure bet, but it's a possibility. 

The weekend looks to be great!