Super Snow Sunday: Up to a foot of snow in SE Michigan

From Fox 2 Weather Authority Alan Longstreet: 

Our WINTER STORM WARNING will expire at 7 this morning as our big time snow storm winds down. Totals are ranging from 7-14" so far, but I suspect we'll see some higher numbers come in as well.

Any light snow early this morning should stay at an inch or less, but the wind stays up through the morning, so blowing/drifting snow along with limited visibilities will still be a couple issues greeting you on the roads. The wind will lessen some as the day wears on.

From a historical standpoint, this is one for the books. Metro Airport picked up 16.7" yesterday, which puts this storm at the 3rd largest in Detroit since the late 1800s..

Wind chill temperatures are near zero this morning with no substantial warm up through the day.

Today: Snow ends early. Mostly cloudy to partly sunny. NW wind 5-20 mph. Temperatures in the mid teens.

Tonight: Partly cloudy. SW wind 5-10 mph. Low 2. Sub zero wind chill.

Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy. SW wind 5-15 mph. High 22.