11-year-old girl killed while playing inside grandmother's Detroit home

Saniyah Pugh, 11, was playing with a family member inside her grandmother's Detroit home Saturday night when she was hit by a bullet fired outside the house.

"At this point there is no feeling. I’m numb, I'm broken. I mean there's no words - I’m speechless," said Lawanda Melton, Saniyah's grandmother. 

The child was shot and killed in the 20200 block of Goulburn, just south of 8 Mile, around 10:15 p.m.

Community activists are outraged over the violence that’s destroying communities and families.

Saniyah Pugh

"It’s time for us to stop crying all the time with the chief about our babies being shot – 11 years old, and she was doing nothing but having fun being a kid," said Sandra Turner Handy, the president of the Community Relations Council in the 9th Precinct.

As police continue to investigate, Chief James White said two people are in custody.

"The officers didn’t leave that investigation. They were able to work a number of leads, get a number of search warrants out, and we have one adult in custody and one juvenile in custody," he said. "Was the house targeted? What do we know? We have to be careful we are working an angle on this case that we’re pretty confident that is what happened, but we don’t want to compromise this investigation."

White said weapons were recovered, but police aren't associating them with the crime yet.

Police want the violence to end.

"Just be at a point where enough is enough, and we do everything we can to make sure this one is the last one," White said.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help Saniyah's family.