16 guns, 29 pounds of pot, and more drugs seized at Michigan residence

Photo via Michigan State Police

Guns, drugs, and a lot more were seized after Michigan State Police served a search warrant at a residence in Lenawee County this week.

The search, which was conducted with several law enforcement teams assisting, happened in early February and uncovered 16 firearms as well as cocaine, LSD, hallucinogenic mushrooms, as well as additional other narcotics yet to be identified.

The operation was carried out by the Region of Irish Hills Narcotics Office (RHINO), which investigates narcotics trafficking within the Michigan State Police. The state police's Monroe Post, MSP's K-9 unit, as well as its aviation unit and troopers from the Jackson Narcotics Enforcement Team (JNET) were part of the operation.

A search of the residence on Feb. 6, 2024 found the following:

  • 12 ounces of cocaine
  • Distribution amounts of LSD and psilocybin
  • 29 pounds of processed marijuana

The Michigan State Police Forensic Laboratory is working to identify other drugs that were discovered at the home. 

The Lenawee County Prosecutor's Office will pursue felony charges against the suspect involved in the investigation.


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