16-year-old charged with murder after stabbing at party fight in Taylor

A 16-year-old from Southgate has been charged with murder after a fellow teen was stabbed to death at a party earlier this month in Taylor. 

Authorities say Giannfranco Delgado stabbed 17-year-old Cameron Petty of Detroit to death on July 6 during a large fight at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Taylor. Delgado is also accused ot stabbing two others during the brawl. 

Randy Baughman, Grand Knight at the Knights of Columbus Hall, told us the stabbing happened during a private party. He says about 50 or 60 people were there. 

Police haven't said yet what the motive may be for the stabbings. 

A video posted on social media led police to make two arrests, in which someone was bragging and taking credit for the stabbings.

Delgado has since been charged with second-degree murder, and two counts of assault with intent to murder. He's adult designation, which means that, upon conviction, the judge has the option of sentencing the defendant as a juvenile, or as an adult, or blending a juvenile and an adult sentence.

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Delgado is due in court again later this week. 

It's not clear right now if the other suspect is still being held or released.