2 dead after chaotic 7-hour police standoff with barricaded gunman in Harper Woods

Two people are dead following a chaotic standoff with Harper Woods police and a barricaded gunman early Monday.

Officers were originally called to the scene in the 20600 block of Kenosha near I-94 for reports of domestic violence between a couple that lived at the residence.

Police haven't released information on who was deceased, but the medical examiner's office confirmed that two people had died. A baby was also found inside the home and is reportedly okay.

For neighbors, the scene that unfolded was a frightening one as police urged nearby tenants and homeowners to remain inside their basements while officers negotiated with the gunman inside. 

"We heard everything with them telling them to come out with their hands up, they won't be harmed, breaking the glass and just trying to get in," said one neighbor. "It was quite scary."

The scene originally started around 8 p.m. when the domestic violence call came into dispatch. When police arrived, a man inside the home opened fire on police. SWAT teams eventually breached the home, where they found a fire that had been set in an upstairs room. 

Officers also found a woman with stab wounds. 

Witnesses also saw a baby being taken out on a gurney. 

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The ordeal lasted about seven hours. The home now has all of its windows boarded up and evidence of fire damage further up in the structure. It's unclear what happened to the gunman. 

Police interactions colliding with armed suspects reached a fever pitch last week when a Detroit police officer was shot and killed by a man wielding an assault rifle. Chief James White called the incident an "ambush"