2 MSP troopers, 2 Saginaw officers charged after assault during arrest, AG says

Four police officers are facing charges after one allegedly used excessive force while the others failed to act.

Attorney General Dana Nessel said Wednesday that Michigan State Police Trooper Bram Lester Schroeder allegedly used excessive force while on patrol with Trooper Zachary Tebedo in Saginaw on March 28. Nessel said the duo stopped Vance Martin for failure to signal and speeding. Police said he appeared to be intoxicated and was uncooperative.

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Nessel alleges that Schroeder assaulted Martin while he was handcuffed and knocked him unconscious. He's accused of again assaulting Martin while attempting to put him in the back of an MSP vehicle. Martin was taken to the police station, then to a hospital.

While the alleged assaults were happening, Tebedo and Saginaw officers Jordan Engelhart and Dominic Vasquez were allegedly there but did not stop Schroeder.

"Law enforcement officers are duty-bound to uphold the law, not violate it," Nessel said.  "It is incumbent upon those who wear a badge to ensure trust in public service and act when they witness a fellow officer committing a crime." 

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Schroeder is charged with one count of misconduct in office and one count of aggravated assault.

Tebedo, Engelhart, and Vasquez are charged with willful neglect of duty.