2 shot, 1 killed in Detroit freeway ramp shooting after leaving downtown club

A 27-year-old woman died and a man is in critical condition after a shooting once they left a downtown Detroit nightclub Sunday.

"Basically we got the beginning and the end (of the story) but we've got to fill in the middle," said 1st Lt. Mike Shaw, Michigan State Police.

It started at the Annex Club downtown, the victims tell investigators they were followed after leaving, right onto the highway.

"They were getting onto the freeway when somebody shot at their car," Shaw said.

The victim’s car with four people inside, showed up at Detroit Receiving Hospital afterward.

The woman died from her injuries and a 30-year-old man is in critical condition after the shooting.

The other two people who were in the front of the car, were not injured and are cooperating with police.

FOX 2: "How many times was the car hit?"

"A lot," Shaw said.

That car was shot up early Monday morning as they entered I-75 from Brush Street. Before that, they were at the Annex Club where a fight sparked, unclear how the incidents are connected.

At this point, there is no make and model of the shooter’s vehicle.

"We are currently using some of DPD's Green Light camera footage, some license plate readers to see if we can get that information out," Shaw said.

Shaw says they are confident they’ll find who did this - especially after retrieving shell casings that can be run through NIBIN – a ballistic database to track guns.

"We used to hear a lot from suspects when we interviewed them after incidents," Shaw said. "That they went down on the freeway because we don't have the stuff DPD had - we have the stuff."

And be aware – license plate readers are on the highway in our area - the goal is to have them from the UP to the Ohio border.

"The freeway is not the place," Shaw said. "Don't come down there looking to act a fool, that is not going to work out for you."