2nd round of Detroit recreational marijuana business licenses opening soon

The second round of Detroit recreational marijuana business licenses opens Aug. 1.

Available are 30 licenses for marijuana retailers, 10 licenses for micro businesses, and 10 licenses for consumption lounges.

"Half of the recreational dispensaries we licensed in round one are majority owned by local Detroit residents and are operating and thriving, which sets us apart from many other equity programs nationwide that may have issued equity licenses but haven't actually opened many businesses," said Kim James, Director of Marijuana Ventures & Entrepreneurship.

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Last December, the city announced its first 33 recreational cannabis licenses, with the first business opening the next month.

In this round, applicants have until Aug. 31 to submit proposals. Decisions will be made six to eight weeks after the deadline. 

Marijuana business licenses are valid for one year, and licensees must obtain a state operating license from the Cannabis Regulatory Agency before starting operations.

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