41 year-old woman dies after house explosion in West Bloomfield, 2 others injured

A 41-year-old woman is dead and two others injured after a house explosion on Friday night in West Bloomfield on Stonecrest Road. 

According to neighbors, around 11 pm Friday, they felt a big shake and loud noise. 

"Woke up suddenly after 11, and like a boom, it shook the windows, and I am a couple of football fields away, said Cindy Semrau, a neighbor. "I didn't realize that was something that was local here in the neighborhood but we did hear all the sirens, fire engines, and things. " 

Fire investigators say the woman who died is identified as Kat Duprat.  

One of Kat's friends says she had a bright soul and magical laugh. 

There is no determined cause of the explosion, according to authorities. 

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