5 injured after car crashes into Waterford Twp. home

Waterford Township police are investigating a horrific accident after a speeding car plowed into a house, leaving five young people inside the vehicle seriously injured.

"There was blood in my garage and my house ... I could hear people screaming. I can still hear that in my head," said Phil Hayes, who owns the home that the car crashed into.

Hayes had just come back from a Saturday night DJ gig.

"My girlfriend was actually in the room the car crashed into editing some photos because she does photography and I asked her if she wanted to watch TV, and then 20 minutes later there was a car in my house," he said.

Hayes said she probably would have died if she had stayed in the room that the car crashed into, instead of deciding to leave to watch TV.

The car came barreling down Edgefield Road, somehow getting between a pine tree and a bush, and ended up going through a garage, through the air, and inside the house next door.

"There are absolutely no tire tracks from the garage to my house, so they were airborne the entire way," Hayes said.

Incredibly, the kids in the house slept through the crash but Hayes says he hasn't slept since.

"I saw a cloud of smoke come through my house from dust -- drywall dust, airbag dust, insulation dust, and it just kind of barreled through my kitchen and my dining room and I walked around the corner and I couldn’t see anything initially. After that, the clouds started to clear and I saw a car in my house and who I believed to be the driver of the car got out of the car and was trying to walk over the rubble through the garage into my house and I told him, 'No, you can't come in,'" Hayes said.

Waterford police commenting on the situation at this point but are expected to make an announcement Tuesday, possibly including criminal charges.