Abdullah Hammoud to be sworn in as Dearborn's first Arab American mayor this weekend

Voters elected Dearborn's first Arab American mayor last year.

On Saturday, Abdullah Hammoud will take the oath of office during an inauguration for mayor, city council, and charter commission.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the inauguration will be virtual.

It's a big day for 31-year-old Hammoud, who captured 61% of the votes during the 2021 election.

Abdullah Hammoud

"It’s been a lot of work. People still ask, ‘How do you feel?’ Honest to God, we haven’t had time to take it in and feel anything," said Zaineb Hussein, the Dearborn mayor chief of staff. "I think what you will experience during the inauguration is the overwhelming feeling of emotion you felt on Election Day but better because it’s him taking his oath."

You can watch the Dearborn inauguration livestream on the city's website and Facebook at 1 p.m.