Air broken at Southfield condos with extreme heat in forecast

Some residents at Le Chateau condos in Southfield say their air conditioning hasn't worked since last August.

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Katrina Armstrong has fans running, but it's tough for she and her dog, Chance. She said she can't even use her stove because it makes her home too hot. 

"We sent a petition around, and we emailed it to the board and the management company - we've heard crickets on that," said Debbie Proven, who also lives in a condo with no air.

And it's only getting worse, with feel-like temperatures expected to rise above 105 on Wednesday.

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Neighbors said two years ago a special assessment was made for condo owners to buy four refurbished chillers, but today only one works.

FOX 2 tried to visit Lawyers Condo Management in Farmington Hills, but the address was a UPS Store.

Finally, Charlie Langton spoke with Josh from the management company. He said his company took over in January, and the part to fix the chillers was ordered, but he doesn't know when it will arrive.

"I'm gonna have to go to some relative's house or go to a hotel to stay. We can't stay in here like this, there's no way," she said.