Alleged victim of accused serial rapist testifies how she talked him into stopping attack

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One of many alleged victims of a supposed serial rapist took the stand Tuesday, and recalled the night a man broke into her home and sexually assaulted her.

"This is not happening to me," she testified she thought. "After he removed my shorts I was still lying in bed. He lifted up my right leg and he put my toes in his mouth and sucked on my toes."

It happened at the woman's Redford home in 2014 allegedly attacked by Ikeie Smith, who has been charged in several other sex assaults across metro Detroit.

The victim told the court she heard footsteps in the middle of the night, and at first thought it was her boyfriend.

"He walked in and he stood right at the side of my mattress in front of the door," the woman said. "He was right in line with the mirror; he just stood there and stared at me for the longest time.

"He leaned down and he told me not to make any noise and not to do anything or he would hurt me."

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The woman worried about her son sleeping in the room next door - wondering if she could get to the gun in her closet.

"My little boy was sleeping right next door and I don't want him to wake up and see this," she said. "(I asked) will you please shut the door. I thought if I could distract him with his back to me long enough I might be able to get the gun.

"At that point I couldn't get my gun because if I would have, I would have killed him."

Unable to escape or run, she tried to reason with her attacker.

"'I said why are you doing this?'" she said. "'This is a crime, you could be a normal, healthy person, have a relationship, a job, a child. Why are you doing this.'"

Prosecutor: "Did he respond?"

"Yes," the woman said. "He said 'I don't know why I am doing this, I am stupid, this is stupid.'"

The man left her room but stole her cell phone. She waited until it was quiet, ran to her office and called 911.

The victim said it was too dark to see her attacker's face but DNA evidence links Smith to the crime. Ikeie Smith is being tried for four cases at once and faces charges in five other attacks.