Ann Arbor author educates youth on diabetes through children's books

An Ann Arbor author is sharing her own struggles with diabetes through her children's books: "ABC’s For Diabetes" and "I Will Take Care Of My Diabetes And I Can."

As of 2021, 11.6% of the U.S. population has diabetes, according to the CDC

Safiyah Basir, who was diagnosed with diabetes at a young age herself, decided to take matters into her own hands when it comes to educating the youth.

Her "I Will Take Care Of My Diabetes And I Can" book is filled with affirmations, so anyone at any age can work through their diagnosis.

"It's a semi-autobiographical book about my journey – being diagnosed with diabetes at seven, the trials of it, and also turning those trials into an opportunity for education," Basir said.

Children's books written by Ann Arbor author Safiyah Basir.

The author's own story has meant a lifetime of dealing with a type one diabetes diagnosis. However, she has also been an example to people who are living with the disease.

"My purpose in this life is to help people," Basir said, who is also very involved in the American Diabetes Association in Michigan and other organizations.

She also has a podcast where she continues helping people living with the disease, and is now studying to be a physicians assistant with a focus in endocrinology.

"How can I help you? How can we be better together? How can we be healthier? How can we have a more positive mindset on life so we can live longer and be happier and be fuller – that’s really it," Basir said.