Antisemitic post in Hamtramck Facebook group claims Holocaust was a punishment

An antisemitic Facebook post was made on a public page called Hamtramck Square Monday night.

"Was the holocaust God's advance punishment of the ‘Chosen People’ for the savagery they're committing today against the innocent Palestinians children and civilians? A heinous act proving that they're as savage and cruel as the Nazis themselves, or even worse," posted Nasr Hussain, a businessman running for Hamtramck City Council.

The post is yet to be removed.

"As a Jewish American, and really just as a person in general, it really scares me," said Scott Aaronson, a Hamtramck business owner, in response to the Facebook post. "I would just hate for someone who had those thoughts to be a representative of our community."

The post has garnered a substantial number of comments echoing similar sentiments.

"This is deeply disturbing," one Facebook user said.


Anti-Jewish, LGBTQ flyers shock residents in Chelsea, Dexter, and Pinckney

Anti-Jewish and LGBTQ+ flyers were thrown onto lawns in southeast Michigan cities, taking residents aback.

"It is incorrect to conflate Jewish people in general (with) the policies of the Israeli gov’t or (with) Zionism," another person commented. "This is a very stupid and gross thing to say."

Antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents have been increasing in Metro Detroit, particularly since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas conflict earlier this month.

"It’s important that people see it, so that they understand that this is what’s happening. It's important that voters of Hamtramck see it so that they understand when they vote for somebody, this is what they’re voting for," Aaronson said. "I don’t want to understate this as anything other than horrific, horrific antisemitism."

Hussain did not respond to FOX 2 Detroit for comment.