Argument at Warren house party escalates to deadly shooting Saturday night

An argument at a Warren house party escalated into a deadly shooting Saturday night that left one woman dead. 

Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said officers were originally dispatched to a 7-Eleven after receiving a call. 

The 26-year-old woman that had called them was later pronounced dead at the scene. Police determined prior to being shot, she had been at a party.

The party was located at the 14500 block of Colpaert, in the area of Bunert and Masonic.

Detectives interviewed a number of people who told them that the victim had been in an argument with another woman on the front lawn. 

At some point, the victim drove off and was being chased by a Ford Fusion, colored either silver or light in color. 

Warren police believe the woman arguing with the victim was also the suspect shooter in the Ford Fusion. After she opened fire, she drove away.

The victim drove to the 7-Eleven, located at 12 Mile Road and Schoenherr where she later died. 

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Police currently have no one in custody for the shooting. 

The police commissioner also informed FOX 2 that police discovered an illegal marijuana grow operation in the basement and arrested one individual.