Armored truck driver shoots at attempted robbers outside Southfield McDonald's

An armored truck driver shot at suspects during an attempted robbery at a Southfield McDonald's on Friday morning.

The three men attempted to rob the driver at the restaurant near 10 Mile and Telegraph. After the driver fired shots, the suspects fled.

The driver was armed and shot several times towards the would-be robbers, they got scared – back in their car and sped off, said Deputy Chief Aaron Huguley. 

"Nothing to lose, brazen, no regard for life," said Huguley. ""The type of currency the amounts they’re carrying, unfortunately, makes them a target."

"If they’re doing these types of things then we don’t know what else they have done and what they’re capable of."

Southfield Police is praising a witness who saw what happened and quickly called 911. It allowed investigators to get there fast and get a good lead on the suspects. 

"Were they being trailed, was this a crime of opportunity, where they saw this vehicle pull into McDonald's and said, 'Hey, we have a firearm, let's go do this,'" Huguley said.

There are no signs that the two men who wearing gators over their faces were shot.  Security footage is on investigators' side – as they track the suspects who headed south towards Eight Mile.

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No one was hurt, and police are still looking for the suspects. 

They’re asking for the public’s help, anyone who knows about this whole thing, call Southfield police at (248) 796-5500.