Arrest made but questions remain in killing of Dearborn Heights man inside home

A Dearborn Heights home has turned into a memorial for Jeff Steen who was shot and killed there. 
"To lose a son like Jeffrey is very painful," said Jacquelynn Travis, the victim's mother.  

 Siblings in Steen's large family is working to make sense of it all. Sources tell FOX 2 a domestic incident happened Sunday night at the house off Clairview near Inkster. No one else was hurt.  

"I’m going to miss him, it's hard," said Jala Gullatt, the victim's sister.  
Dearborn Heights police have taken someone into custody - but Steen's family was reluctant to share any details about the night he was murdered.  
"The situation went how it went, and that is that," said Travis.  
The young man had hopes of being a father and a boxer.   

Shooting victim Jeff Steen

"Jeffrey was very loving," Travis said. "Every day he made sure he embraced me and told me he loved me."
Investigators staying tight-lipped - about exactly what happened, saying they’ll release more when the person in custody is officially charged.  
But justice - won’t be enough for this family.  
"What happened, happened, seeing his body might bring me peace but I (will) never be at peace, I will never be at rest," Gullatt said. 

Shooting victim Jeff Steen