At least 5 homes have Christmas decorations vandalized in Shelby Twp neighborhood

"We are angry and everyone is a little (expletive) off," said Sharon May.

You can’t blame them after Christmas decorations were destroyed in Shelby Township

"They cut right through," May said. "Their tree there, that was all cut." 

One house even got hit twice.

"It's like come on, find something better to do," May said.

'The Grinch' made himself at home in Shelby Township.

On Monday police released a video of three young men severing Christmas light strands over the weekend off Schoenherr near 22 Mile including five houses hit.

"They are punks (and) they’re out there to damage and destroy property," said Sgt. Terry Hogan, Shelby Twp police.

After seeing our story, Sharon May who lives a mile away says their cul-de-sac text thread lit up with comments.

"After she chimed in two more chimed in and said so were we," May said, adding that her security system did go off Sunday night. 

"Even the little Chihuahua wouldn’t come in they were intent on looking at that street someone was out there," she said.

Admittedly they’ve gotten a little lax in this neighborhood where crime usually just doesn’t happen.

"Every time my dog is in that window I will be out here and every camera on this block will be locked and loaded," May said. "The night shift at Shelby Township PD is also on the lookout for these guys." 

"It is probably teens having nothing to do," she said. "Where are their parents? Where are the parents these days?"