Audience pleased with Duggan's talking points, but agree the job is not done

The Flex-n-Gate auto part plant set the scene for a speech highlighting what Mayor Mike Duggan says is the continuing comeback story of the city.  

Who would have thought math would have been one of the highlights of the state of the city? Mayor Mike Duggan's "bill break down" got the attention of those in attendance showing why Detroiters are paying so much for car insurance and how beginning in July, Detroiters can do something for themselves.

"People in the city of Detroit have been looking for a break on auto insurance for God knows how long," said Detroit resident Junious Williams. "If he can bring relief, people are looking forward to that."

"Everywhere I go in communities, everybody is concerned," Wayne County Commissioner Jewel Ware.

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"So many pay the bill and they just don't understand it," said City Council Chair Brenda Jones. "We have to do better education to the citizens."

Another announcement that seemed to peak people's interest, is neighborhood redevelopment. Businesses going in on Livernois and Van Dyke with promises that neighborhoods will not be left behind.

"My office is on the riverside in the Rivertown area," said Chip Rohde, business owner. "And what I see happening here, is all the opportunities that can be done. Where we started back then and where we are today, the future is so bright."

"On Van Dyke and Kercheval it is starting to do that," Williams said. "It's really happening in Detroit."

But there were a couple areas that Mayor Duggan knew would not get total support, but they are issues he says he was elected to address. First, legal weed and allowing sale of it in Detroit. 

"The council is still looking at social equity and I think it is important that we get it right," Jones said.

"All money is not good money as far as I'm concerned," Williams said.

And the demolition process. City leaders know it’s necessary - but also make sure everything is proper.

"My hope is that the mayor will work with the council to address some of the issues that we have had with demolition, some of the issues that we have seen with the audit and that we are able to get it right".

It was fair to say the mayor's speech and the topics he chose to highlight were all well received at least in this room. With a promise that as Detroit grows those who have been here from the start, will be along for the rest of the ride.