Baby peregrine falcon that nested on Wayne State tower to be released

A baby falcon and resident of the Old Main building at Wayne State University is set to be released Monday.

Ben the falcon is fully fledged and ready to take to the skies, officials with the university said. 

The unlucky fella had left the nest a few weeks too soon when he was discovered at the base of the building in late June. The WSU Falcons Instagram page showed images of the "nest bailer" perched on the first floor window sill.

He was handed off to the Department of Natural Resources for some care at the raptor rehab center in Michigan before being returned to the nest. 

Peregrine falcons, some of the fastest animals in the world who like nesting on cliff sides have taken residence on Detroit building sides for years. 

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The university has been home to a nesting pair since 2016, prompting the school to set up a live stream Falcon camera that is on YouTube

Look for updates on Ben's release here.