Barricaded gunman situation in Richmond comes to an end after man takes own life

A barricaded gunman situation has ended after police made entry and found the gunman dead.

The incident unfolded Saturday afternoon on Monroe Street in Richmond.

Police say the 29-year-old gunman was with three family members when he threatened to harm them — as well as himself.

"The 29-year-old male ended up locking himself in his bedroom; the family was attempting to talk to him. He was not responding, and they called 911," said Richmond Police Chief Thomas Costello. "The only person inside was a 29-year-old male shortly thereafter, an officer on the scene heard gunshots."

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The Macomb County sheriff’s office and the Michigan state bomb squad were called in to help assist Richmond police.

"The reason the bomb squad was called out is that they have a robot that can go in and do many of the functions safely rather than put an officer in harm's way," said Chief Thomas.

The robot could make entry but couldn’t determine exactly where the man was. 

Officers eventually made entry and found the man dead. Investigators say the man was suffering from depression.

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