'Big Three' automakers react to California's gas car sales ban

The state of California Air Resources Board voted to ban gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

Under California’s plan, all new cars must be electric by 2035. Residents who already own gasoline cars will be allowed to keep using them. Drivers can also continue to purchase and sell pre-owned gas-powered vehicles. 

It's a move that has General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis reacting.

"Stellantis is committed to net-zero carbon emissions by 2038, evidenced by our recent $35-billion-dollar investment in vehicle electrification and related software, toward the introduction of 25 U.S.-market battery-electric vehicles by 2030. These actions support California’s Advanced Clean Car 2 Rule," Stellantis said in a statement to FOX 2.

Ford Motor Company is also closely watching the move. They believe emission reductions will help stabilize the climate, reduce the risk of severe drought and help reduce pollution.

"The CARB Advanced Clean Cars II rule is a landmark standard that will define clean transportation and set an example for the United States. We’re committed to building a zero-emissions transportation future that includes everyone, backed by our own investments of more than $50 billion dollars by 20-26 in EVs and batteries," Ford said in a statement.

Officials say the key to making EVs a reality for many is making them affordable.

"To really get to 30, 40, 50% of EVs being sold, you have to appeal to people who are in that 30-45,000 dollar price range," said Mary Barra, CEO of GM.

General Motors says they have a shared vision with California.

"GM is focused on delivering zero-emissions vehicles across a range of categories and price points for retail and commercial customers," GM said in a statement.

Deposit the government's and automakers' vision; some drivers aren't buying it.

"There’s not enough electricity to power every single car in California."

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