'Biggest coward in Michigan history': Justin Shilling's father wishes pain upon Oxford High School shooter

The father of Justin Shilling, one of the teens killed in the Oxford High School shooting, wished pain upon the shooter during his sentencing Friday.

Craig Shilling started his victim impact statement by discussing the effect the loss of his son has had on his family, and how his life and mental health have been impacted.  

"The events that took place that day have rocked three generations of my family," he said. "The things I used to find enjoyment in are no longer enjoyable in that sense."

Craig said holidays, birthdays, and other important days are no longer special since losing Justin on Nov. 30, 2021. Because Justin is gone and will not get a second chance, he said the shooter shouldn't either. He said he believes the shooter should experience the same fate as the victims he killed, but since Michigan does not have the death penalty, he should spend the rest of his life in prison.


Madisyn Baldwin's mom to Oxford shooter: ‘The suffering will come when he least expects it’

Nicole Beausoleil, the mother of Madisyn Baldwin, says her daughter will not be remembered as a statistic -- and that she hopes shooter will be forgotten.

"In lieu of execution, I feel strongly that this individual should never be allowed to walk among his peers again," he said. "This is why I'm going to ask you to lock this son of a (expletive) up for the rest of his pathetic life."

Craig went on to speak to the shooter, wishing pain on him.

"I'd really like an opportunity to physically show him how much pain he has caused me and my family," Craig said. "You can rest assured, you piece of (expletive), that baby bird screams will pale in comparison to the screams that you would exude if I were only able to show you. But luckily for you, they won't let me."

Craig was referring to birds the shooter killed before the shooting. He described these killings in his journal and messages sent to a friend


Justin Shilling would have been Oxford shooter's friend if he had only asked, his mom says

When Justin Shilling was murdered inside of Oxford High School in November 2021, he was killed while protecting another student. His mom, Jill Soave, says that was exactly what she would have expected from her son and that he was a kind soul who wanted to help and protect others.

"His very name should be condemned," he said, noting that the shooter wanted to be remembered for the crime. "[The shooter] should be remembered as the biggest coward in Michigan history."

Though he can't get his hands on the shooter, he said he hopes others do while he is in prison. 

"I truly hope your new roommates love you and properly show you the kind of treatment you can only get on the inside," he said. "It's my hope that there is some kind of pain involved."