82-year-old woman killed in Detroit house fire Tuesday morning

An 82-year-old woman has been found dead in the remains after three homes on Detroit's east side caught fire in one of the larger blazes the city has seen in recent years early Tuesday morning. 

The Detroit Fire Department initially responded to the 6600 block of Burns around 3:30 a.m. after getting reports that three homes had caught fire. While the middle home is vacant, the other two are both occupied. 

Fire crews had been searching for 82-year-old Azalee McKelvie but later said she was found after the fire was extinguished.

House fire victim 82-year-old Azalee McKelvie.

House fire victim 82-year-old Azalee McKelvie.

All next to each other, the second home caught fire first, however, it's not clear what first ignited flames. 

After that, the fire spread to two adjacent homes, both inhabited by residents. 

"(I'll miss) the good cooking she do. The jokes she make. The laughter, the response, just getting the chance to spend time and talk with her and stuff," said Harold Graham. 

It does not appear that anyone else was injured.