Camp CARE empowers kids whose family members suffer from addiction

In its third decade, Camp CARE is a summer program dedicated to empowering kids who have loved ones that suffer from addiction.

Erika Bradbury, a Community Health Educator with Care of Southeastern Michigan, says they teach campers communication and resiliency skills that allow them to celebrate themselves.

"They understand that they are not responsible for their loved ones' substance use, and they learn how to celebrate themselves," Bradbury said.

Bradbury says when a family member has an addiction, the entire family suffers, and Camp CARE gives kids a break from that.

Camp CARE offers many activities like art, sports, music, and even a visit from the Roseville canine officer.

Bradbury says kids come back year after year, and it's an excellent way for kids to grow and learn life skills.

Camp CARE is for kids grades PreK- 8th grade.

The camp runs for two weeks starting July 19, at Fountain Elementary in Roseville.

Parents and caregivers will be able to sign on to virtual sessions while the kids are at camp.

Bradbury says their goal is to make sure children and parents feel comfortable to talk about their issues and that they always know they have support.

CARE of Southeastern Michigan serves 40,000 each year.

Bradbury says this is an authentic camp experience where kids make friends, gain confidence, and have fun.

To register for Camp CARE, visit or call (586)541-CARE.