Canadian autoworkers on verge of striking against Ford as US workers take to picket line for day 5

As United Auto Workers strike in the U.S., Canadian Ford employees are on the verge of striking.

Unifor, a union that represents about 5,600 Ford workers who make engines for Mustangs and F-150s, and the automaker did not reach a deal by Monday's 11:59 p.m. deadline. However, workers did not immediately strike, as the union extended the deadline for 24 hours. Negotiations are ongoing.

According to Unifor, it "received a substantive offer from the employer minutes before the deadline." The union is still telling its members to be ready to strike in case a deal is not reached. 

Like workers in the U.S., Canadian autoworkers are fighting for better pay, benefits, and job security as automakers shift to electronic vehicles.

Here in the U.S., UAW members are on day five of a strike that started Friday against the Big Three automakers.

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On Monday, the UAW set a new deadline for strike negotiations, noon Friday. If a deal is not reached by that deadline, more Locals will be ordered to strike.


UAW sets new deadline of Sept. 22 for 'serious progress' on Big Three negotiations

In a new Facebook video posted Monday, UAW President Shawn Fain said that if "serious progress" is not made, more Locals at plants will be called on to walk out.

Currently, workers at only three plants - Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, the Stellantis Toledo Assembly Complex in Ohio, and the GM Wentzville Assembly Plant in Missouri - are striking. The union announced that these would be the first facilities to strike last week, and noted that more could be added if negotiations fail to make progress. This is called a stand-up strike, with more workers standing up and picketing as needed. 

"Noon on Friday, Sept. 22 is a new deadline. Either the Big Three get down to business and work with us to make progress in negotiations, or more locals will be called on to Stand Up and go out on strike," UAW President Shawn Fain said in a video announcing the new deadline. 

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