CDC eviction moratorium now includes Detroit, Wayne County - what you need to know

The United Community Housing Coalition says when they got the news, 550 households - and possibly more - in Detroit, were on the verge of eviction. It is a welcome relief for the real people who can stay in their homes.

"I would have been forced to live with somebody - and that's something I didn't want to do," said Erica Long.

Long can stay in her home because Wayne County and the City of Detroit now fall under the umbrella of the CDC's eviction moratorium, which was extended until October 3rd for some communities.

"Be patient as far as, do your due diligence, as far as your documentation and your paperwork," Long said. "Even if they ask you to submit it two or three times, still do it. Just be patient and have hope and have faith - contact those people you need to contact."

Ted Phillips is the executive director of the United Community Housing Coalition says over 9,000 eviction cases have been filed with 36th District Court since the first of the year. The moratorium's extension will help to stave off a flood of people losing their housing.

"I think it's huge," he said. "There's no completely scientific way of determining who all would have been evicted, but we know that even by now, there would have been a lot of tenants who would have been evicted."

The reason for the extension is the CDC has re-classified Wayne County as an area under threat of substantial community transmission of COVID-19.

"People are evicted and they have no place to go,  they may go live with family and that is a no-brainer. But sometimes that father or mother is a senior, or in a senior building or subsidized housing," Phillips said. "And if there are Covid issues, you are putting seniors at risk."

The coalition makes the argument that the moratorium has some unexpected benefits for landlords as well. Phillips says on average they're paying out around $8,000 per case in back rent, to landlords, who otherwise may not have a tenant at all. The money coming from federal Covid stimulus funds.


Detroit  Hamtramck and Highland Park: 866-313-2520 or
Rest of Wayne County: 734-284-6999. 

To stay updated regarding evictions, visit the Court’s website at