'Clean it up or shut it down': Protest held outside closed Lafayette Coney Island for rat droppings

Lafayette Coney Island remains ordered closed after rat droppings were found by health inspectors - following social media videos catching the rodents in action at the longtime Detroit staple.

"Having a rat infestation, continuing to sell food and then telling the city they’re going to close down and correct it - and then opening up a few hours later," said Scott Benson, Detroit City Council. "We did have to come back as a city and close them down."

A protest rally was organized by community activist Malik Shabazz on Friday. He said he believes this never would have happened in a Detroit suburb.

"Clean it up or shut it down," Shabazz said.

"They don’t do this in their communities," said Minister Teferi Brent. "Why is it okay for people to consistently come into our communities, be given the privilege to be able to provide a product for our people, and why is okay to constantly disrespect us. This is why we’re here."

One of the owners spoke briefly to FOX 2.

FOX 2: "What’s your response to the people? What’s going on here?"

"I don't know nothing about it," he said. "I don't know. They just come in, I don’t know."

After the activists were told the owner was not there, they demanded action.

Detroit council member Scott Benson said he is proposing a food grading ordinance for restaurants.

"Proposing a restaurant ready ordinance that would be established in immediately going to effect," Benson said. "All that we’re asking is the restaurants place a color grade of what are the results of their latest inspection.

"This is a perfect example of why we need this ordinance of why it needs to pass."

Wayne County officials say it’s crucial that a scene like this never happens again and they are investigating.

"So you don’t have to worry about where you’re eating, are your kids getting bitten," said Stephen Grady Muhammad, chief of staff for Wayne County Executive Warren Evans. "I don’t know if there’s been any reports of that, we’re going to look into all of that. But you have to know this is the first step toward an even bigger initiative."