Clerks in Macomb, Oakland counties say they are ready for Election Day

As Michiganders continue to drop off ballots for next week's presidential election, the Macomb and Oakland county clerks say they are ready. 

"My clerk colleagues and I have been preparing for months and are committed to ensuring our election will be safe and that every vote is counted," said Fred Miller.

Miller, the Macomb County clerk, says they are expecting a record-breaking election for voting by mail. Miller, along with Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown, say they are taking precautions if you still want to go to the polls in person. 

"Polling places will be properly supplied with PPE and voters are strongly encouraged to wear masks while inside polling locations and certainly while voting," said Brown. "Masks will be available if you show up at the poll and forget your mask, there will be masks available."

Meanwhile Miller says in the last few weeks they have had several calls from people concerned about voter intimidation. Miller and Brown stress they have protocols in place, should that happen. 

"Extra training has been put in for our elections inspectors who are the paid volunteers who staff the precincts and if anybody sees something, to say something," Miller said.

And when it comes to making sure the results are right, Brown says they have several checks and balances. Now with the election days away, both clerks say they want you to know your vote will count. 

"The equipment is tested ahead of time with a public accuracy test to make sure the equipment is counting accurately and that it has not been tampered with," Brown said. "And a zero report tape is printed before the polls open to show that no votes have been tabulated.

With the number of absentee ballots, the clerks say we shouldn't expect to have results on Election Day. They are more concerned about getting the results right.