Clinics help Michigan drivers get their suspended licenses back -- What to know

(Photo: Michigan SOS)

Michigan is hosting Road to Restoration clinics to help drivers with suspended licenses get their driving privileges back.

Last fall, the state stopped suspending licenses for non-driving-related issues such as missed court appointments and some traffic violations.

The Department of State canceled infractions on the driving records of more than 350,000 people. However, many people need to take extra steps to get their licenses back. The MDOS mailed letters to those affected by the law change, explaining their current status and outlining additional action they must take before they can resume driving.

The Road to Restoration clinics, staffed by MDOS, the Department of Attorney General and volunteer attorneys, help people determine how they can restore their licenses and when possible, provide the services they need to do so on site.

Upcoming clinics are scheduled for Aug. 10 in Muskegon and Aug. 24 in Southwest Detroit. Sign up for a clinic here.